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The Audio Guestbook You Keep

to listen in your home and re-use for all of your milestones

No matter the occasion—be it your joyous wedding, the baby shower for your first child, a graduation celebration, a much-awaited retirement, a milestone birthday or any celebration in between—FêteFone is the audio guest book for sale that captures all of life’s most meaningful moments in the most unique and memorable way.

Step into the world of unique event experiences with FêteFone, an innovative and modern guest activity and guest experience. Your loved ones are invited to leave you voicemails on a vintage telephone, transforming their warm wishes and delightful anecdotes into a priceless audio keepsake.

After your celebration, your FêteFone becomes a physical keepsake that you can proudly display in your home. Simply lift the phone receiver to relive your most recent celebration. Or, set it up again to capture more voicemails at your next milestone moment with the purchase of an additional license key or USB Memory Stick.

With over 20+ vintage, retro, and chic phone styles to choose from, there’s the perfect FêteFone for your unique event aesthetic and home décor style.

A unique guest book alternative.

FêteFone redefines the concept of a traditional guest book—transcending the bounds of written words and still photographs, hearing a familiar voice sends you on a journey back in time, letting you relive moments with their full resonance.

The emotion in the voices of loved ones is a keepsake that can’t be matched. Our telephone guest book empowers you to record and immortalize priceless voicemail messages from your most cherished events, all with a simple lift of the receiver.

From your grandmother’s heartfelt words of wisdom as you tie the knot on your wedding day, to your parents’ advice for your future little one at your baby shower, to the poignant farewell to your new graduate as they embark on their next grand adventure—the FêteFone audio guestbook captures it all.

Leave your love after the tone.

At FêteFone, we believe in the power of memories. When you own a FêteFone audio guest book, your Love Speaks—today, tomorrow and always.

The Original Audio Guest Book


Messages captured since 2016

But don’t just take our word for it—FêteFone is the premium audio guest book for sale that speaks for itself.

20+ Styles of Voicemail Guest Books

Phone Styles as Unique as Your event
The Complete Collection

Optional additions to enhance your audio guestbook experience

Remote Call-In Numbers

Let your loved ones dial in from afar

Add an optional telephone number in one of 20+ countries around the globe to let guests who can’t attend the in-person celebration call in to leave their messages.

Your Messages on Vinyl

Vinyl Record Guest Book Keepsake

Preserve your priceless messages with a hand-cut, keepsake vinyl record that you can listen to on any vintage record player.

Audio Engineering

Help your messages sound their best

Professional audio engineers will process your messages through background noise filters and remove clearing of throats, hangup noises and other errant sounds.

Extra License Keys & USB Memory Sticks

Unlock your FêteFone for another event

Purchase an additional license key or keepsake USB memory stick to re-use your FêteFone and capture more messages at your next milestone moment.

Experience the joy of listening to cherished memories with FêteFone’s unique audio guest book for sale

Here’s to a lifetime of memories on repeat.

Make FêteFone your own.

Select from 20+ unique audio guest book styles

Our diverse collection of telephone styles is tailored to suit your unique aesthetic. Select the perfect FêteFone to match your distinctive style or wedding theme, and it will arrive at your door within days of placing your order—not days before your event.

Personalize your guests’ experience by recording an optional outgoing greeting they will hear before leaving their messages, and frame the included sign or customize one of our free sign templates to perfectly match your signature event style.

Create everlasting memories.

capture the sounds of your celebration

Place your voicemail guest book in the best possible location by plugging it into a nearby power outlet or the included battery pack. Your FêteFone audio guest book will be ready to record the moment it’s plugged in—no WiFi, internet, phone line or cell service required.

With no practical limit on recording time, every guest can fully express their feelings. From your cocktail hour to your reception, your rehearsal dinner to your send-off brunch, your FêteFone can travel with you throughout your event to ensure every memory is captured.

Relive those meaningful moments.

Listen to your memories whenever you’d like

Your FêteFone isn’t just a guest book—it’s a treasured keepsake that you can display proudly in your home as a reminder of your special day. Every time you lift the receiver, you can listen to your messages and relive the joyous moments from your celebration.

With no delay retrieving your messages, you can use your FêteFone to listen to all your heartfelt and hilarious voicemail messages the moment your event is over. Or, transfer them using the included USB memory stick to listen to them on any device, or share them with friends, family members or even your videographer!

Helpful Resources

To get the most from your FêtEfone audio guest book

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have Questions, we have the answer

Review our robust FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions about the FêteFone experience.

Setup Instructions

everything you need to Plan in advance

Review our user guide to learn more about all of the features of your FêteFone audio guestbook.

Greeting Suggestions

personalize your outgoing greeting

Review our suggestions for what to say in the optional outgoing greeting you can record to play to your guests before they leave their messages.

Free Sign Templates

personalize your audio guest book sign

Although a printed sign is included with every FêteFone audio guest book for sale, you can also customize and print one of our free audio guestbook signs instead.

Audio Guest Book Insider’s Guide

recent Articles from the Experts at FêteFone

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Because every celebration deserves a FêteFone

For about the cost of a pack of Polaroids, you can purchase an additional license key or keepsake USB Memory Stick to unlock your FêteFone to capture your next milestone moment.

Love Speaks
Happy Tears

Wedding guest book

From the engagement party to the bachelorette bash, the bridal shower, and the big wedding day, FêteFone is the perfect choice for a unique, sentimental wedding audio guestbook. Capture every moment of joy, love, and marriage advice during your wedding celebrations with this innovative keepsake.

Use FêteFone for a wedding’s worth of celebrations, and even move it from place to place on the day of each celebration, ensuring that no moment is missed.

Love Speaks

baby shower guest book

Before your baby’s first hello, celebrate the joy of new parenthood with FêteFone’s unique baby shower guest book.

Loved ones can leave sweet wishes or read them a favorite bed time story, creating an intimate keepsake that bathes your new addition in the love of family and friends.

Love Speaks
Coming of Age

Birthday guest book

Elevate your child’s birthday party, quinceañera, sweet sixteen party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or confirmation with FêteFone’s unique audio guest book—a standout amongst personalized birthday party ideas. Invite guests to record personal stories or birthday wishes, encapsulating cherished memories that mark life’s journey.

Love Speaks
New Beginnings

Graduation party guest book

Mark the milestone of graduation with FêteFone’s unique guest book. Capture words of encouragement, advice, and celebratory messages from those who’ve supported your academic journey, and treasure these recordings as you embark on your new path.

Love Speaks
Next Chapters

Retirement party guest book

Celebrate the end of a successful career with FêteFone’s unique retirement guest book. Immortalize the accolades, well-wishes, and heartfelt messages from colleagues and friends, creating a lasting memento of dedication, perseverance, and accomplishment.

Love Speaks
Silver & Gold

Anniversary guest book

Celebrate your enduring love story with a FêteFone anniversary guest book. Capture heartfelt messages of love, joy, and celebration from those who’ve been part of your journey together.

Love Speaks
Bon Voyage

Going away party guest book

Make farewells unforgettable with a FêteFone audio guest book for sale. Allow guests to share heartfelt goodbyes and best wishes, preserving these voices as enduring reminders of the bonds you share.

The Unique Guest Book Idea that Reimagined Wedding Guest Books Forever

Say hello to FêteFone—expertly designed by seasoned event and wedding planners to revolutionize the way memories are captured at your celebrations.

Our journey began back in 2006, when our founder and globally recognized event planner, Michael Henry, saw an opportunity to transform traditional guest books into something more meaningful and dynamic for one of his wedding clients. After using FêteFone at a number of subsequent events, Michael saw first-hand how much guests and couples enjoyed their audio guestbook experience. In 2016, FêteFone was spun off as its own small business with a simple mission—to make your celebrations unforgettable by capturing the sounds of love, laughter and joy.

Events are fleeting, with little left to remind you of the celebration after it ends. When they invented the telephone audio guest book, Michael and FêteFone reimagined the conventional pen-and-paper guest book and introduced a unique guest book alternative to the world.

Originally offered as a package service, FêteFone was immediately recognized as an event industry innovation by the International Live Events Association, BizBash and Special Events Magazine. It has since been featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book, Carats & Cake, Black Bride, 100 Layer Cake, and many more.

In 2023, FêteFone reimagined the audio guestbook once again, creating an audio guest book for sale that you can keep after your event is over. Our innovative audio guest book technology invites your guests to record heartfelt voicemail messages on vintage telephones, and allows you to listen to them whenever you’d like simply by picking up the phone.

Embark on this memory-making journey with us, and let our alternative guest book idea turn your most precious moments into lasting memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

We can’t wait to help you celebrate.

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