Wedding Processional Music: Classical Covers of Pop Songs

February 9th, 20246 min

If you’re having a wedding ceremony, chances are you’ll want to have some music playing as you walk down the aisle. FêteFone is here for you to help make your celebration even more special!

Check out the helpful details about your processional, as well as our playlist of classical covers of pop songs for your wedding processional, below!

Classical covers of pop songs are great options for wedding processional songs

What is a wedding processional?

The processional is when the participants in your wedding, like your wedding party and close family members, walk down the aisle before your ceremony begins. The processional is usually set to music, striking the tone for your celebration and marking the start of the wedding ceremony. It is often a moment filled with anticipation and emotion, as your guests get ready to celebrate your love and as you and your future spouse get ready to exchange your vows.

What is the wedding ceremony processional order?

The order and participants in a wedding processional can vary a lot depending on cultural traditions, religious practices, and personal preferences.

Many modern Western wedding ceremonies have used the following order, but feel free to mix it up to suit your own cultures, traditions and goals for recognizing important individuals in your lives:

  1. Officiant. The person who will conduct the ceremony typically enters first and takes their place at the front of the ceremony. Your officiant or celebrant doesn’t have to walk down the aisle, though; they can just step in from the side shortly before your ceremony begins.
  2. Grandparents. The grandparents of the couple might walk down the aisle next. They can walk together, or be escorted by other family members or members of the wedding party (who then return to the back to await their own entrance).
  3. Parents. The couple’s parents might be next, if they’re not otherwise escorting the happy couple.
  4. Groom. If there is one, the groom then usually enters, either alone or with his parents. Or, he may have already entered from the side with the officiant, depending on your ceremony’s style.
  5. Wedding Party. Next comes the wedding party. Their order can vary a lot depending on who you’ve asked to stand with you during your celebration. Sometimes, the best man enters first, either alone or with the groom, followed by the groomsmen, the maid or matron of honor, and the bridesmaids. Or, if numbers allow, members of the wedding party might be paired and walk down the aisle together.
  6. Junior Attendants. If you’re having children participate in your ceremony as flower or ring bearers, they typically walk down the aisle last, just before the bride or couple.
  7. Bride or Couple. Historically, the bride was the last to enter, often escorted by her father or another significant figure in her life. In many modern or same-sex weddings, though, the couple now often walks together, escorted by one or both sets of parents. You should do what feels right to you.

If these suggestions for your wedding ceremony order don’t suit your style, don’t worry! The Knot has some alternatives that might work well for your particular celebration.

How many songs do I need?

How many wedding processional songs you need depends a lot on how many people you have walking in the processional. With a smaller wedding party, one piece of wedding processional music might be enough to seat all of the family members and friends involved. For larger parties, you might have one song for the seating of the grandparents and parents, and another for all of your attendants. Typically, though, you’ll want to select a different piece of music for the bridal processional or your grand entrance as a couple than the song you use for the earlier parts of your processional.

What kind of music should I play?

The kind of music that makes up your processional is completely up to you! The options are endless, but we’ve started with these classical covers of pop songs to get your creativity going.

Popular Wedding Party Processional Songs

We put together a Spotify playlist of 20 classical covers of pop songs to play as your favorite people walk down the aisle:

Why We Chose These Songs

Here are our reasons behind picking these songs and what you should think about when choosing your own music to walk down the aisle to!

01. I’m Yours By Vitamin String Quartet

Originally by Jason Mraz, this love song would be the perfect background music for your favorite people to walk down the aisle to.

02. What Was I Made For By Relaxing Piano Covers

Hi, Barbie! This song, originally by Billie Eilish, will add a beautiful touch of your childhood to your ceremony.

03. The Only Exception by Vitamin String Quartet

Paramore is not who you’d normally think of for wedding processional music, but this classical version totally challenges that.

04. Ophelia by Vitamin String Quartet

There are tons of classical covers of Lumineers songs, if you like their vibe!

05. Mr. Brightside By ELEW

This song by The Killers is sure to put everyone in a good mood!

06. I Will Always Love You by Vitamin String Quartet

Want to make your wedding party feel like royalty? Add this beautiful song by Whitney Houston to your wedding processional songs.

07. If I Ain’t Got You by Vitamin String Quartet

Or this song by Alicia Keys fit for a queen (both were featured in Bridgerton).

08. Thinking Out Loud by The Piano Guys

This Ed Sheeran song will take the elegance of your ceremony to the next level.

09. We Found Love by 2CELLOS

This upbeat cover of Rihanna’s song will have your wedding party dancing down the aisle!

10. Some Nights by Vitamin String Quartet

This instantly recognizable song by Fun is sure to set the vibe of your ceremony as just that: FUN!

11. I Will Wait by 2CELLOS

We picture this song by Mumford & Sons at a folky, outdoor, wedding.

12. Love Story by Dallas String Quartet

Attention Swifties: This is the perfect way to add Taylor into your ceremony.

13. All Of The Lights by The Hipster Orchestra

This song by Kanye West is only one (aisle length) minute long. If you want multiple songs in your processional you can either choose short songs like this one or cut your favorite full length songs.

14. Chandelier by Vitamin String Quartet

This luxurious song by Sia will make it feel like there’s a chandelier in your venue (even if there’s not).

15. Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Vitamin String Quartet

Your wedding party walk in songs are a great place to add easter eggs of things that are important to you. Use songs from soundtracks that are meaningful to you as a couple.

16. Something In The Way by The Hipster Orchestra

Or you can use instrumental covers of your favorite bands whose vibe might not fit your ceremony like this one by Nirvana.

17. Say It Ain’t So by Break of Reality

Or this one by Weezer.

18. Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Vitamin String Quartet

Let your wedding processional songs, like this one by Meghan Trainor, help tell your love story.

19. Just The Way You Are by The Piano Guys

This piano cover of Bruno Mars’ song is sweet and dreamy.

20. Driver’s License by Music Lab Collective

If you still listen to heartbreak music even though you’re in love, you can incorporate your favorite artists like Olivia Rodrigo by using instrumental covers that take away the words but leave the vibes.

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