FeteFone vs. After the Tone

A side by side comparison
Everything you need to know about After the Tone’s audio guestbook rental vs. FeteFone’s audio guestbook for sale

Comparing FeteFone vs. After the Tone—What’s the Best Audio Guestbook for You?

Decided on an audio guestbook to capture your next celebration, but not sure which option is best for your big day? You might be wondering whether the audio guestbooks from After the Tone vs. FeteFone are the right pick for you.

While both audio guestbooks allow guests to leave heartfelt messages, anecdotes and well wishes in their own voices, we want to help you select the audio guestbook that has the right features for your event.

Join us for a side-by-side comparison of FeteFone vs. After the Tone’s audio guestbooks, exploring how they stack up and helping you pick the best audio guest book for you.

A Side by Side Comparison of After the Tone vs. FeteFone’s Audio Guestbooks



After the Tone

Rental or Purchase




The original audio guestbook, founded in 2016

Founded in 2020


Audio guestbook phones starting as low as $199, with similar styles as After the Tone starting at $349

Audio guestbook phones for $375

Phone Styles

More than 20 different phone styles and colors, confirmed at the time you place your order

Only one phone style, with the color not confirmed until 8–10 days before your event

Phone Condition

Authentic, fully functional landline phones that have never been used at another event

Rewired phones that no longer function as landline phones, with potential wear and tear from prior events

Recording Technology

Discreet hub that connects to the phone using an included telephone cable and can be hidden behind a sign or under the table

Bulky recorder that’s attached to the phone and cannot be hidden from guest view

Phone Delivery

Phone arrives within a few business days of placing your order, with expedited shipping available for last-minute orders

Phone won’t arrive until as little as three days before your event, and must contact the company for any orders within 30 days of your event

Returns & Exchanges Before Your Event

If you don’t like the phone, return or exchange it within 30 days of purchase

If you don’t like the phone, might not be enough time to return or exchange it before your celebration


The phone is yours—paint it, vinyl wrap it, or otherwise customize it to suit your unique event style

Phone must be returned in original condition

Added Flexibility

Technology can turn almost any analog landline phone into an audio guestbook—if you have a phone already or find a style you like better, make it an audio guestbook with FêteFone!

Only works with provided phone style

Power options

Includes rechargeable battery pack that lasts 20+ hours on a single charge, as well as a power adapter for unlimited power if desired

Includes AAA batteries that last 8–10 hours

Included Signage

Includes a pre-printed audio guestbook sign, as well as 40+ online templates you can customize, print and frame

Online template only

Outgoing greeting

Record an optional outgoing greeting that your guests will hear before leaving their messages

No outgoing greeting option

Guest Experience

Sounds exactly like a real call connecting, so any guest that has left a voicemail before will know exactly what to do

Just dead air when you lift the handset, which can be confusing for guests who aren’t sure if the phone is actually recording

returns After Your Event

Yours to keep, so no need to find someone to return your phone after your event

Must find someone to drop your phone off at UPS within 72 hours after your event


No way for your guests to accidentally delete other people’s messages, and keeps a backup of all of your messages until you choose to reuse it

According to reviews, guests or event hosts can inadvertently delete messages, with no backup available

Message Delivery

Listen to your messages immediately after your event, with no risk of your priceless messages getting lost in the mail

Messages aren’t sent to you until several weeks after your return is received

Message Keepsakes

Display the phone at home and listen to your messages just by picking up the handset, copy them to any device using the included USB Memory Stick, or purchase an optional vinyl record!

No option to listen to your messages through the phone, and only a digital copy of your messages is included—USBs and vinyl records cost extra


Reuse as an audio guestbook at all your milestone moments, or reuse the included landline phone, USB Memory Stick and battery pack separately in your day-to-day life

Round-trip shipping, chemical sanitization, and disposable AAA batteries required for each event

Information current as of April 8, 2024

Messages captured since 2016

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Over 20 styles of classic, vintage, novelty and retro telephone guest books available to buy for just about the same price as most rentals

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