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New Audio Guest Book Alternative Offers Unique Guest Activity, Lasting Memories for Weddings and Events

BETHESDA, Md., April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/

FêteFone (www.fetefone.com), a new audio guest book system, reimagines the traditional guest book by letting guests record their wishes using a stylish telephone instead of pen and paper. After the event, hosts receive their messages in a digital download that brings cherished memories to life for years to come.

“FêteFone is a unique way to capture a fleeting moment and carry it with you,” says Michael Radolinski, a seasoned event planner and FêteFone’s creator. “These moments are some of the most significant in our lives. We wanted to offer people a new way to celebrate and remember.”

fetefone-product-image-03Radolinski knows that successful parties keep guests engaged. FêteFone provides a fun, inclusive reception activity that is intimate, yet comfortable. “Photo booths and favors are great, but there’s nothing quite like hearing the voices of your closest friends and family members to help remember the feeling you had that day,” said one groom and customer. “Our guests thought it was the coolest thing – some of them came back to record again and again.”

The romantic will appreciate the vintage mood that FêteFone evokes. With nearly 30 available styles fitting settings from speakeasies to state dinners, FêteFone feels timeless and integrates with nearly any wedding theme or event concept.

The modernist will appreciate how this new piece of event technology creates unique digital memories. Unlike an app or website, though, FêteFone is tactile and physically interactive, letting guests set down their mobile phones and stay present at the celebration.

Customers visit www.fetefone.com to select a telephone style that fits their event décor. The phone and FêteFone hub arrive at least two days before the event. The hub records the messages and makes the system entirely self-contained, requiring no telephone line, Internet or cell connection or finicky apps.

At the celebration, guests pick up the handset, hear a greeting pre-recorded by the hosts and share their wishes. When the FêteFone is returned, clients receive an MP3 file filled with memories.

FêteFone is available anywhere in the United States. Special introductory sale pricing starts at $274 and includes the phone and hub rental, free round-trip shipping, and the processing and assembly of guest recordings.

“Our goal was to make the FêteFone experience simple and fun so that you can enjoy your event  – and the process leading up to it,” says Radolinski.

About FêteFone LLC

FêteFone LLC (www.fetefone.com), an LGBT-owned small business based in Bethesda, Maryland, was founded by a top-rated event planner with 15+ years of worldwide experience. The company manages the end-to-end rental experience for FêteFone, the first in a line of customizable event technology products designed by event planners.

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