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Follow these step by step instructions to retrieve and provide your serial number:

For the fastest service, upload a copy of the SerialNumber.txt file that is copied to your FêteFone USB Memory Stick when you retrieve your messages from your previous event:
  1. Insert the included FêteFone Memory Stick into the USB-A port in the back of your FêteFone audio guest book hub.
  2. If you have not already ended your previous event:
    1. Lift the handset and press or dial 3-6-6-3 to stop capturing messages from this event.IMPORTANT: Once you choose to transfer the messages captured at your event to the FêteFone Memory Stick, you will not be able to use your FêteFone to capture more messages without an additional license key or FêteFone Memory Stick. 
    2. Press or dial 1 to confirm you would like to stop capturing messages and end your event. If you would like to continue capturing messages from your guests instead, press or dial 2.Message transfer will begin. A light on the bottom of the FêteFone audio guest book hub will flash slowly to let you know your messages are being transferred.IMPORTANT: To prevent data loss, do not disconnect the FêteFone Memory Stick or the power supply while the transfer is still in progress. 
    3. Remain on the line until a confirmation message plays to confirm the transfer is complete. A confirmation message will play once the transfer has completed successfully.Note: If you have captured a large duration of messages, this may take several minutes. 
    4. Once your messages have been copied to your FêteFone Memory Stick, remove the FêteFone Memory Stick from the back of your FêteFone audio guest book hub.
  3. Insert your FêteFone memory stick into a USB-A port on your computer. Your operating system should mount the FêteFone Memory Stick as a new drive in your file system.
  4. Click the upload button below, navigate to your FêteFone Memory Stick in your file system, select the SerialNumber.txt file and click “Open”. Your upload will begin.
If you are not in a rush to unlock your FêteFone for another event, you can also upload a clear picture of the serial number from the label on the underside of your FêteFone audio guest book hub.
  1. Take a clear photo of the label on the bottom of your FêteFone audio guest book hub and save it to your device.
  2. Click the upload button below, navigate to the image file you just saved, select the file and click “Open”. Your upload will begin.

Once your upload is complete, be sure to submit this form below.