Can I use my own phone as an audio guest book?

September 10th, 2023

The FêteFone audio guest book hub is compatible with most touch-tone, analog, landline telephones.

Because we can’t be completely sure that a phone will work with our system until it’s been personally tested by our quality control team, we suggest choosing one of our FêteFone styles that will work for your event. We offer a variety of telephone styles designed to coordinate with just about any event theme or décor concept. That way, if your personal phone does not work, you won’t be left without an option.

If your personal phone is a pulse-dial rotary phone, you can use the FêteFone style you ordered to complete the setup process and then plug the pulse-dial phone in to capture messages at your event. Just be sure to plug your touch-tone FêteFone style back in after the event to retrieve your messages.

We also offer our Remote Call-In Number FêteFone experience where anyone can call a number we set up just for you from any phone and record their messages after the tone.