How do I incorporate my FêteFone into my event décor?

September 10th, 2023

First, choose the style of FêteFone that best coordinates with the theme or design concept of your special event.

Then, put your FêteFone in a prominent place where your guests might otherwise congregate, including one that might already be decorated for another purpose, but that’s away from bands, loud music or other significant background noise.

Consider putting your FêteFone on your escort card table or on your gift table in an entry hall adjoining your event space, or on a small table near the line for the restrooms (where guests might be looking for something to do while they wait). All of these locations tend to be great spots that are very noticeable to your guests but far enough away from the loudest parts of your event.

You might also want to include a sign next to your FêteFone in a frame that coordinates with your event décor to explain how to use the FêteFone to your guests. Although a printed sign is included with every FêteFone, you can also customize and print one of our free audio guest book signs instead.

To get the most possible messages, you might also want to ask your DJ or band—or an attendant—to let guests know that the phone is there to help capture memories, just like you would with a traditional guestbook.