How does a FêteFone work?

September 10th, 2023

The emotion in the voices of loved ones is a keepsake that can’t be matched. Our telephone guest book empowers you to record and immortalize priceless voicemail messages from your most cherished events, all with a simple lift of the receiver.

If you’ve set up an outgoing voicemail message on your cell phone or office phone, or ever recorded a greeting on an answering machine, you can set up a FêteFone.

The system is completely self-contained, requiring no telephone line, cell phone connection, internet or wifi. There are no finicky apps or technical skills required.

To set up your FêteFone, just:

  1. plug the phone into the hub and plug the hub into a power outlet or the included battery pack,
  2. pick up the handset and follow the prompts to pre-record an optional greeting to your guests.

Once setup is complete, FêteFone will activate automatically and be ready for your guests to start leaving messages.

The setup process takes less than five minutes, and detailed step-by-step instructions are included with every FêteFone.

The FêteFone also provides clear voice prompts to guide you through every step of the setup process.

At your event, guests simply lift the handset, leave their message after the beep, and hang up the phone when they are through. Each messages is saved automatically to your FêteFone Audio Guest Book Hub.

From your grandmother’s heartfelt words of wisdom as you tie the knot on your wedding day, to your parents’ advice for your future little one at your baby shower, to the poignant farewell to your new graduate as they embark on their next grand adventure—FêteFone captures it all.