What is a FêteFone?

September 10th, 2023

FêteFone is a unique audio guestbook that lets guests at your wedding or other special event send wishes with the sound of their voice.

FêteFone takes the place of a traditional guestbook, allowing guests to record voicemail messages instead of writing notes.

At your event, guests just pick up the handset on a telephone you’ve selected, hear a greeting you’ve pre-recorded and leave their message after the tone.

Since FêteFone is the audio guest book you get to keep, you can retrieve and listen to your messages immediately after your event. Simply lift the handset on your FêteFone to listen to the messages from your loved ones whenever you’d like. Or, transfer the messages to the included USB Memory Stick to play them back on any digital music player.

With many phones to choose from, FêteFone also serves as an additional décor element at your event, reinforcing your theme or design concept. And, it provides an additional activity to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout your celebration.