What makes FêteFone different from other audio guest books?

September 11th, 2023

When FêteFone first started shipping throughout the United States—way back in 2016—it was originally offered as a package service where your FêteFone would be delivered a few days before your event, and then you would need to return it a few days after your event. Our team would then retrieve and process all of your messages before sending them to you a few weeks later. This rental offering is how most of the newer audio guest book companies still operate.

As the original, award-winning, audio guest book company, FêteFone is always looking to improve our offerings, which led us to create and launch our brand new FêteFone in 2023.

FêteFone has changed the wedding guest book game once again! Now, you can BUY and OWN a FêteFone, the Original Audio Guest Book, forever.

There were a few key problems we wanted to solve with our new FêteFone offering:

Audio guest books can be expensive.

Events in general (and especially weddings) can often become quite expensive. Adding another rental to your big day might not be in the budget. We wanted to find a way to not just provide a day, but an entire lifetime of value for our customers.

Since FêteFone is an audio guest book you can keep and reuse time and again, you get a lot more “bang for you buck” than with an audio guest book that you would rent for a single event, for about the same price.

Waiting for delivery right before your event can be stressful!

With rental audio guest books, you are left worrying about tracking a package and setting up your audio guest book right before your event—when there are a million other things happening.

FêteFone allows you to purchase your audio guest book at any point during the planning process and have it shipped to you right away. You are guaranteed to receive the color and style you have ordered without worrying about last-minute substitutions or delays.

You should be able to use your audio guest book wherever you would like.

When we originally launched FêteFone as a standalone product in 2016, we found existing battery technology was too unreliable for something as precious as the messages from your event. We chose to only offer our service with a power cord that had to be plugged into a standard power outlet or extension cord.

By redesigning the audio guest book technology we originally invented from the ground up, and we are now able to offer a FêteFone with both a dedicated power supply and an included 20-hour battery pack. These options provide you with the freedom you need to find the perfect place at your event for your FêteFone audio guest book.

Waiting to get your audio guest book messages back after your event takes forever!

The big day is over, and now the waiting game begins. Photography and videography might take months to come back, and now you have to wait several weeks for your voicemail guest book messages? There has to be a better way!

You don’t have to wait at all to listen to your messages from your FêteFone audio guest book. As soon as you end your event and deactivate your FêteFone, you can immediately retrieve your messages. Not only that, you can start listening to them directly on your FêteFone telephone. No more waiting for your messages to be delivered, as the timing is all up to you!

Your telephone guest book was so cute, but now it is gone forever.

With an audio guest book rental service, you will have lots of great memories and messages captured, but that cute little phone that all of your friends loved? It is off to someone else’s celebration.

With FêteFone, the phone is yours to keep. Your FêteFone becomes a physical keepsake that you can proudly display in your home. Simply lift the phone receiver to relive your most recent celebration. Or, set it up again to capture more voicemails at your next milestone moment with the purchase of an additional license key or USB Memory Stick from Fêtefone.

We are proud to have once again reimagined the guest book experience. We can’t wait for you to experience the joy of owning a FêteFone for you and your guests.