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The Product

Relive the happiest day of your life through your grandmother’s voice or your best friend’s laughter. FêteFone is a unique guest book alternative that brings the emotions, joy, and love of your special day back to life, allowing you to experience it all over again.

Guests have the opportunity to record voicemails on a stylish vintage phone, preserving the sounds of your celebration forever. It’s ideal as a wedding guest book, anniversary guestbook, bridal shower guest book, baby shower guest book, birthday guest book, or as a unique guest book idea.

Clients can purchase a FêteFone at any stage of wedding or event planning by visiting They can immediately choose from over 20+ vintage and retro telephone styles to find the one that best fits their event décor or wedding theme. Included in a FêteFone package is the selected phone and an integrated hub, ensuring an uninterrupted experience. There’s no need for phone lines, cellular signals, Wi-Fi, or app downloads. It’s delivered right to their door within days of ordering.

At the event, guests hear a greeting pre-recorded by the event hosts and leave their messages after the tone. The nostalgic and authentic calling experience is reminiscent of a genuine call, enabling guests of all ages to leave heartfelt messages with ease. An included sign guides your guests through the process, but you can also customize one of our free online templates to match your unique event style.

Power your FêteFone for over 20 hours on a single charge using the included battery pack, allowing you to relocate it during your celebration. Alternatively, you can plug it into a power outlet or extension cord in a noticeable spot for endless memories. With a recording capacity of over 100 hours, there’s ample room for guests to leave numerous voicemail messages.

After your event, keep the phone and use it to listen to your voicemails and relive the sounds of your celebration whenever you’d like, or transfer them to any device using the included USB Memory Stick. Or, have them professionally edited or pressed into a keepsake vinyl record!

The Company

FêteFone is an LGBT-owned small business founded by a top-rated event planner with 15+ years of experience. Based out of Maryland, the company manages the end-to-end rental and purchase experience for FêteFone.

Since its debut in 2016, FêteFone has received considerable acclaim, winning awards and appearing in prestigious publications like People, UsWeekly, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Carats & Cake, Black Bride and many more.