Placing a simple sign next to your FêteFone (especially one that’s beautifully framed to match your event décor) is a great way to incorporate your FêteFone into the overall aesthetic of your celebration. Plus, since FêteFone is such a unique guest book alternative, the sign can help encourage your guests to leave their messages and explain exactly how to do so.

To help you get started, we’ve put together some suggested text below:

  1. Help [guest(s) of honor] remember this day by lifting the handset on this telephone. Your call will be answered after a few rings. We invite you to leave your wishes, your wisdom, or just something to make [them] laugh after the tone.
  2. Take a moment to share your thoughts and wishes with [guest(s) of honor] on this special day. Simply lift the receiver, let it ring and leave a message after the tone.
  3. Help [guests of honor] remember today’s celebration by picking up the handset on this telephone. Let it ring and leave your love after the beep!