Audio Engineering


Help your messages sound their best with our professional audio engineering service for your audio guest book messages.

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With our audio engineering service, professional audio engineers will process your messages through background noise filters and remove clearing of throats, hangup noises, and other errant sounds. They will also even out the volume of each recording, helping make your guests’ messages more clear and easy to hear. Our professional engineers will help your messages sound their best.

That being said, our audio engineers are ultimately limited by the source quality of the recordings and the nature of analog telephone technology. The quality of your recordings may depend on a variety of factors outside our control, including overall noise levels, the speaking voice and volume of the guest leaving the message, and the proximity of the handset to the guest’s mouth.

Although guests have had an amazing time with FêteFone in a variety of recording conditions, to ensure the highest quality recordings, we recommend placing your FêteFone away from bands or other loud music, since background noise can only be reduced in recordings, not eliminated, and to ensure that guests don’t feel like they have to shout to share their messages with you.

Once the processing of your messages is complete, our engineers will send your updated files, which can then be placed onto your FêteFone USB Memory Stick to listen to through your FêteFone or to play back on any digital music player.

If we find that our audio engineers are unable to enhance the quality of your messages due to the recording conditions, we will cancel and fully refund your audio engineering order. Additional charges may apply for orders with over 100 messages.


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