Using the Included Battery Pack with Your Audio Guest Book

September 11th, 2023

The included FêteFone battery pack may be used to power your FêteFone for your event instead of using the included power adapter. The battery pack, when fully charged, should provide approximately 20 hours of power for your FêteFone. The battery pack also has pass-through charging capabilities, so it is possible to operate your FêteFone from the battery pack while the battery pack is plugged into an outlet and charging.

If using the battery pack to power your FêteFone during your event, please avoid plugging other devices into the battery pack as this may decrease the battery life for your FêteFone.

Once your event is over, your FêteFone battery pack may be used to charge phones, tablets, and many other devices. The included rechargeable battery pack is designed to be compatible with most modern devices.