The Top Wedding Planning Podcasts for 2024

January 27th, 20245 min

So, you’re planning your wedding! Congratulations! It’s always our goal here at FêteFone to make things as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite top wedding planning podcasts for 2024 to help you through the process of making your dream day a reality.

Wedding planning podcasts are the perfect way to get information and inspiration on the go! You can get advice from industry professionals, and lots of great insights on wedding trends. With all of these podcasts still currently producing episodes, you’re sure to be caught up with the latest and greatest wedding ideas for 2024.

Wedding Planning To-Do List for FêteFone® / The Original Audio Guest Book

Podcasts for your Wedding Planning Questions

Ask The Planner with Desirée Adams by Desirée Adams, Verve Event Co.

Leading wedding industry experts spill the tea on how to take your wedding “from a pretty party to an heirloom occasion”. Similarly at FêteFone, we agree that it’s the unique details that make celebrations memorable.

New episodes weekly

Length: 17-90 minutes


Every episode of this podcast will answer questions you have, but if you want to jump straight into what you need to know, “Common Wedding Planning Questions is a great place to start!

Engage with Jamie Wolfer by Jamie Wolfer

In this podcast, experienced wedding planner Jamie Wolfer answers real questions from engaged couples and empowers them to create their dreams on a budget.

New episodes weekly

Length: 10-40 minutes


If you flat out need to know What To Do & When, this episode will walk you through planning step by step.

Wedding Secrets Unveiled by Sara Zarrella

As a wedding photographer of 20+ years, Sara has seen it all! For that reason, she shares wedding planning advice for making your engagement period magical.

Two episodes a month

Average length: 49 minutes


If you’ve ever found yourself asking “What is a wedding planner?” Then Curating Your Wedding Design with Elizabeth Lutz of Elizabeth Lutz Design is for you! Sara and Elizabeth discuss the difference between a planner and designer and how to make your vision board come to life.

We’re a fan of this episode because it’s all about making your wedding a reflection of you as a couple. That’s exactly why we offer 20+ styles of vintage and retro audio guestbook phones, so you can capture your precious memories in a way that represents you from The Extra Cheese to The Maharajah.

Wedding Planning Podcast by Kara Lamerato

If you want to thrive your way through planning your wedding, this is the perfect podcast for you! Kara focuses on trusting yourself and making your big day a reflection of you.

New episodes weekly

Average length: 26 minutes


To get your FAQ’s answered about Hiring a Wedding Planner, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Wedding Planning Advice Podcasts

The Unconventional Wedding Planning Podcast by Ashley C

If you are someone who doesn’t feel represented in mainstream wedding media, then this podcast is for you! Ashley C planned their own unconventional, budget micro-wedding and is now sharing real and raw tips. In short: your celebration should be everything you want it to be and nothing you feel like it has to be.

Two episodes a month

Length: 20-60 minutes


We love how this podcast discusses everything from “How to Stop Stressing About Your Wedding” to “How To Tell Someone They’re Not Invited to Your Wedding.”

Hue I Do by Ashleigh Coffie and Toniah Paryo Gray

This pod is all about the emotional, physical, and financial wedding planning stressors and thrills. Ashleigh and Toniah saw a lack of Black representation in the wedding industry and now inspire couples to be mindful of diversity while hiring vendors.

New episodes weekly

Length: 20 – 90 minutes


Check out Hue I Do’s 2024 Wedding Trends & Predictions! We’ll give you a hint: Abundance and glam.

The Vendor Table by Mike Cassara and Lauren O’Brien

As two photographers in the wedding industry with tons of professional contacts, Mike and Lauren share their hot takes on all things weddings.

New episodes weekly

Length: 25-50 minutes


Are you a fan of learning from others’ mistakes? Well look no further, Biggest Wedding Day Regrets will give you the advice other couples wish they had.

Podcasts for your Wedding Planning Anxiety

Wedding Planning Collective by Kate McClellan

Kate is a wedding planner with 16+ years of experience. For that reason, she helps ease wedding planning anxiety with actionable tips and tricks to enjoy the planning process. Moreover, she specializes in helping couples overcome FOWO: Fear of Wedding Oversight.

New episodes weekly

Average Length: 16 minutes


The “First Steps in Wedding Planning” is the perfect first podcast to listen to after getting engaged. Plus it comes in a bite-sized 15 minute episode!

Betches Brides by Betches Media

As host Fallon Carter (one of the nation’s top wedding planners) says: saying yes should not lead to distress! Consequently, this wedding planning podcast helps couples through what can be the most stressful time in a relationship with empathy and laughter.

New episodes weekly

Length: 30-70 minutes


Being reminded that “Your Wedding Only Needs To Feel Right To You” takes away all the anxiety of people pleasing!

Unbridely—Modern Wedding Planning Podcast by Camille Abbott

If you need a cheer squad and reminder to enjoy yourself during this overwhelming time, then marriage celebrant Camille Abbott and friends are here for you!

New episodes weekly

Length: 15-50 minutes


Not only will this podcast help you through planning anxiety, but also the big day itself! Listen to “How To Be Calm, Prepared, Present, & Receptive” for tips on how to make your ceremony stress free.

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