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For Existing Orders

current customers can upgrade to keep their FêteFone!

Thank you so much for your existing FêteFone order. We so excited to be a part of your upcoming celebration, and are committed to fulfilling every one of our existing orders.

As we launch the FêteFone Audio Guest Book for sale, we are excited to offer our customers the choice of keeping their existing rental order, or upgrading their order to keep the phone, whichever their choice:

Option 1

Keep Your Existing Order

Not interested in owning your FêteFone after your celebration? No problem!

You are more than welcome to keep your existing order. with no change to your FêteFone service.

We will ship your chosen style of FêteFone to arrive at least two days before your event, and you can return your FêteFone to us using the prepaid return label within two business days after your celebration is over.

Once we receive your return, our audio engineers will process your messages to help them sound your best. We will then deliver your messages via a digital download and optional vinyl record.

You will receive the same great support and service that you initially purchased, with no changes to your order.

Option 2

Keep the Phone

Ready to try the new and improved FêteFone experience? Convert your existing rental order to our exciting new purchase option!

Choose from any of our available FêteFone styles, including brand new colors and rotary styles, and we will just charge or refund any difference in price to the payment method used to place your original order (plus any applicable taxes). Customs and duty charges may apply for international delivery.

We will ship your FêteFone within a few days of converting your order, eliminating any worry or stress surrounding the arrival date for your FêteFone.

You can even use your FêteFone to capture additional events leading up to your original celebration, like engagement parties and bridal showers, with the purchase of an additional license key or USB Memory Stick!

Please note that the base price for a FêteFone you can keep does not include the audio engineering services that were part of your original package. If you would still like audio engineering services with your FêteFone purchase, existing customers are eligible for an exclusive 50% discount when purchasing our professional audio engineering services.

Pick the Best Option for You

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