Having a virtual wedding, hybrid wedding, or micro-wedding and still want all of your friends to be able to leave you messages? Having an event outside the United States and still want to capture your guests’ voices? Looking to capture messages from guests who aren’t able to attend in person?

Try our virtual FêteFone experience—available either as a standalone service or as an optional add-on to our physical phones.

We can set you up with a private local telephone number in any one of 24 countries around the globe that you can share with your guests. They can call in using their own phone, hear an outgoing message you’ve pre-recorded, and leave their messages after the tone. Multiple guests can even call in at the same time, and they’ll never get a busy signal.

We’ll still process and assemble all of your messages after your event and deliver them to you in a digital download with an optional vinyl record for you to enjoy for years to come!

Your virtual phone number will be open for three weeks prior and one week after your event date, giving your guests plenty of time to leave their messages. If you need the number for longer, just contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

We will contact you shortly after you place your order to confirm your preferred area code/dialing prefix and obtain your outgoing greeting. Please note that some countries require us to provide your name and a local mailing address in order to issue a virtual telephone number.