The Mod (Gray) Rotary Audio Guest Book

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Cross “guest book” off your wedding to-do list, say hello to “The Mod” (Gray) Audio Guest Book

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Looking for a Unique Guest Book?

The Mod, steeped in the rich elegance of 1960s British design, is more than just a guest book—it’s a conversation starter. This versatile, slate-gray rotary phone seamlessly adapts to any event theme. Whether you dress it up with vibrant wedding florals or keep it minimalist with subdued hues, it effortlessly enhances your décor.

The Only Guest Book You’ll Ever Need

Far more than a one-event wonder, The Mod in Gray is a timeless piece that you get to keep and reuse for all of life’s significant moments. When not in use, your FêteFone transitions from an event essential to a cherished keepsake that holds a place of pride in your home—and is ready for your next celebration.

The Original Voicemail Audio Guest Book

With a simple lift of the handset, this stunning retro telephone elevates your event by allowing your guests the chance to leave you a forever voicemail. With 100+ hours of recording capacity and 20+ hours of battery, you can use your FêteFone anywhere and everywhere.

Love Speaks Without End

Whether you’re celebrating weddings, graduations, or baby showers, the sentimental value of capturing the voices of loved ones who’ve journeyed with you over the years is immeasurable. With FêteFone, you can preserve heartfelt wishes from friends, beloved family, and treasured colleagues for a lifetime.

Package Weight4.29 lbs
Package Size10.2 × 8.7 × 8.3 in
Phone Color


Phone Dial


Phone Placement


Phone Weight

3 lbs

Phone Size

8w × 6h × 11d in

Plug Type

Type A (US)

Battery Type

10,000mAh / 37Wh (approx. 20 hours)


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