The Princess (Pink) Push-Button Audio Guest Book


Give a new meaning to “wedding rings”, say hello to “The Princess” (Pink) Audio Guest Book

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Discover A Unique Guest Book Experience That Truly Pops

Ready to sprinkle a pop of pink onto your special occasion with this unique guest book? Inspired by iconic telephone designs of the 1960s, The Princess audio guest book delivers that charming vintage vibe you’ve been seeking. Combined with a modern pink aesthetic that’s all the rage, The Princess is the missing puzzle piece to complete your dream retro décor.

The Perfect Retro Pink Audio Guest Book

Our curated collection of retro pink telephone guest books brings a blend of whimsical allure and nostalgic romance to the table. Perfect for various celebrations—from a “Pretty in Pink” baby shower to a Barbie-themed bachelorette party, and, of course, your dream pastel pink wedding—The Princess makes every event unforgettable. Imagine your guests’ delight as they pick up the retro receiver to leave you audio messages filled with love and laughter. While handwritten notes have their place, they can never replicate the emotional richness of hearing a loved one’s voice.

Effortlessly Capture Priceless Memories on Your Special Day

Experience the magic of FêteFone’s award-winning audio guest book technology. Seamlessly capture every emotion, giggle, and heartfelt sentiment. Our process is simple: once you’ve chosen your dream phone, you can place your order at any stage in your planning process. As soon as it arrives, you’ll find it’s ready to use after just a few simple steps. No Wi-Fi, apps, or phone lines are required! With 100+ hours of recording time, guests can leave their love “after the tone” with a simple lift of the receiver. Each shared voicemail message vividly reflects the vibrant spirit of your unique love story!

Love Speaks Colorfully

Every celebration is deserving of a vibrant splash of color and emotional depth. Trust us, preserving the heartwarming voices of those you cherish is not just a decision—it’s a treasure you’ll hold close to your heart for years to come. Elevate your special event with The Princess audio guest book by FêteFone. Order yours today to experience the timeless allure of voice-recorded memories.

Package Weight3.53 lbs
Package Size9.4 × 7.9 × 7.3 in
Phone Color


Phone Dial

Push Button

Phone Placement


Phone Weight

3 lbs

Phone Size

8.25w × 4.25h × 3.75d in

Plug Type

Type A (US)

Battery Type

10,000mAh / 37Wh (approx. 20 hours)


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