The Princess (White) Push-Button Audio Guest Book


Tie the knot in style, say hello to “The Princess” (White) Audio Guest Book

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Your Wedding Guest Book is Calling

Are you looking for a truly one-of-a-kind guest book that marries vintage charm with modern sophistication? Your search ends here. The Princess in white, is a chic audio guest book, inspired by the timeless elegance of 1960s beauty parlors. She embodies the classic charm of your mom’s old phone, providing a unique blend of vintage and contemporary appeal.

Elevate Your Event with Effortless Retro Chic

Unlike traditional guest books, the Princess isn’t choosy about her setting. Her stunning soft white color seamlessly fits into any event or space, adding a dash of retro style to your big day. While other wedding decorations might be disposable, your FêteFone is a keepsake you can cherish forever! As the original audio guest book, FêteFone is here to ensure you capture every fleeting moment. Our guest book is fully self-contained and requires no internet, wifi, or phone connection.

Unforgettable Moments, Unlimited Reusability with FêteFone

Not just a wedding guest book, your FêteFone can also serve as a household treasure, capturing the sounds of other major life events—whether it’s a retirement party, a baby shower, or a milestone birthday. Self-contained and requiring no internet or apps, it offers a hassle-free way to collect memories. Guide your guests with an optional pre-recorded message, and enjoy 100+ hours of recording time, powered by either a 20-hour battery or direct electricity. After the celebration, easily transfer cherished voicemails to your own device or purchase an additional license key for future festivities!

Love Speaks For a Lifetime

Add an unexpected detail to your wedding or event with an audio guest book. With its classic and timeless aesthetics, a FêteFone ensures that the voices of love and laughter from your special day will echo in your hearts, forever etched in time.

Package Weight3.53 lbs
Package Size9.4 × 7.9 × 7.3 in
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Phone Dial

Push Button

Phone Placement


Phone Weight

3 lbs

Phone Size

8.25w × 4.25h × 3.75d in

Plug Type

Type A (US)

Battery Type

10,000mAh / 37Wh (approx. 20 hours)


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